Lake Worth Pharmacy Hit by Armed Robbers, $5,000 Taken in Heist

LAKE WORTH, Texas – Police in Lake Worth, a suburb of Fort Worth, are looking for two armed thieves who scared drugstore workers. One of the men is seen on surveillance tape putting a gun to the head of a pharmacist. They took money and drugs from a safe at the drugstore. A worker was also tased and hurt very badly.

The two suspects in this armed Walgreens robbery shocked and threatened workers with guns before taking $5,000 in cash. On Sunday, December 10, a black Chevrolet Impala was seen pulling into the Walgreens parking lot on Lake Worth Boulevard in Lake Worth. “One goes to the counter and pins down an old worker who is standing behind it.” “The other person goes straight to the pharmacy,” said JT Manoushagian, chief of police in Lake Worth.

A blue-hooded thief and a black-hooded thief were seen by police. With a gun, the thief in blue holds the chemist up. “The one in the pharmacy pulls a gun, places it directly to the pharmacist’s head, and begins to demand that they remove controlled substances from the secure area of the pharmacy,” said Manoushagian.

At the same time, the thief in black hurts the front desk worker with a taser. “The clerk that was behind the counter has been thrown to the ground by the other suspect and is being tased while she’s on the ground,” said Manoushagian. “When she was thrown, she struck her head on the floor and also sustained an injury to her hip.”

When the man with the gun was done ordering drugs from the pharmacist, he held her down and led her to an office in the back. “He also picked up and drug the clerk who was still lying on the ground injured from being thrown down, drug her into the back room,” said Manoushagian.

The thief in blue told the pharmacist to open the safe, and he took about $5,000 in cash. “As soon as the safe unlocked, the suspects grabbed a trash can that was nearby, filled it up with the contents of the safe, and then left,” said Manoushagian. The 911 call from the robbery was also made public by the police.

What the police think is that these two thieves have done this before. “Because they are uncommon, we’ve reached out to area partners across the DFW metroplex and also across the state to see if this MO matches any other pharmacy robberies that are going on,” said Manoushagian.

The worker who was hurt needed surgery because her brain was bleeding. She’s likely to get better. People think that the two guys are dangerous and armed. You are asked to call the police if you know anything about the crime or the suspects.

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