Home Dutchess County LaGrange councilman sues fellow board member over secret tapes

LaGrange councilman sues fellow board member over secret tapes

LaGrange councilman sues fellow board member over secret tapes

PUCKHKEEPSIE In Dutchess County Supreme Court, Town of LaGrange Councilman Alfred Rabasco is suing fellow council member Richard Ryan as well as a member of the public. Rabasco claims in the complaint that was submitted on Wednesday that Councilman Ryan has been collaborating with David Mashiah to establish an unauthorized YouTube page and to record private town board executive sessions.

According to Rabasco, in November, Ryan and his co-defendant Mashiah of Hopewell Junction made a YouTube channel called The municipal of LaGrange NY and used the municipal seal without having the proper authorization. According to town officials, the YouTube channel was not a permitted social media outlet for the community. The channel was flagged as a phony account on YouTube and a cease and desist notice was received. The channel was taken offline by the social media platform on February 16.

Between November and February, 47 audio and video recordings were uploaded to the channel. According to Rabasco, the recordings are of town board meetings that have had audio from executive sessions layered over them. Rabasco labeled Ryan’s practice of recording the private executive sessions as unprofessional and illegal, accusing the town board member of doing so.

Longtime town council critic Mashiah is charged with working with Ryan to fabricate the films that falsely portray Rabasco as having accepted bribes. According to Rabasco, one such video had around 10,000 views.

In a complaint seeking $10 million in damages from the two named defendants, Mashiah also posted on Nextdoor.com, a social media community site, saying, “If I don’t end up murdered by Al Rabasco, I will be on the next ballot.” The councilman claims this statement is malicious and defamatory.

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