LA to Vegas: More Angelenos moving to valley at a higher pace

While it’s no surprise that Las Vegas is a popular destination for Californians, the latest migration figures are astounding.

According to real estate agency Redfin, the majority of the 4,000 people who moved to Las Vegas in October came from Los Angeles.

“I recently took a position with a tech company that deals in turf grass sports field management,” Alex Opgenorth, who will relocate to Las Vegas in January after living in Los Angeles for three years, told FOX5 on Thursday. “Las Vegas is just a really good central location for the southwest region that I’m going to be covering.”

The theory of an increasing tide of Californians going to Nevada is supported by data from the United States Census Bureau, which records state-to-state migration.

LA to Vegas: More Angelenos moving to valley at a higher pace

Approximately 7% of those leaving California settle in Nevada. The proportion of Californians migrating to Nevada is 40% of all in-state migrants to the Silver State.

Living in Las Vegas is far less expensive than living in other cities.

“Cost of living in Los Angeles kind of got to a point where it was hard to justify staying there,” he added. “So I started to look elsewhere.”

According to Redfin, the average cost of a home in Las Vegas is almost half that of a home in Los Angeles.

Another consideration was the ease with which Opgenorth could return home to Wisconsin.

“Actually, moving to Las Vegas is going to make it easier for me to get back to Wisconsin and see family,” he said. “There are direct flights from Las Vegas, whereas LAX does not.” That’s a major benefit for me.”

Opgenorth was also drawn to the arts and entertainment, but it was the surrounding nature that drew him in.

“Really, the big thing that’s attractive to me in Las Vegas is the outdoor community,” he said. “I’m very involved with backpacking, camping, hiking, rock climbing.”

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