Knoxville Family's Dog of 8 Years Mauls Infant to Death

In Knoxville, Tennessee, an eight-year-old family husky with no history of aggressiveness mauled to death a six-week-old sleeping baby boy who had been delivered to a “proud and honored” mother.

While taking a snooze in his cot, the family’s husky fatally mauled six-week-old Ezra.
An eight-year-old family dog fatally mauled a six-week-old baby that was calmly napping in his cradle.

On Thursday, May 30, Ezra Mansoor, the firstborn child of Mark and Chloe Mansoor, age six weeks, was viciously attacked by a husky while he slept in his cot. The little patient, who was admitted to East Tennessee Children’s Hospital in serious condition, passed away from his wounds and was declared deceased.

A husky assaulted six-week-old Ezra Mansoor severely while he was sleeping in his cot.

While sleeping in his cradle, baby Ezra was assaulted by the family’s husky. The pair has now cautioned others about bringing dogs near infants because they never thought there would be a problem for their child’s safety.

She said that she wished to share the following message: “To just raise awareness that any dog could become a target at any time.” utterly without provocation, regardless of past events.” She continued, speaking about her loss. “Really, don’t take anything for granted, even if you’re irritated or dissatisfied right now.” Those tiny moments are all so incredible.

According to Chloe “Being his mom was the biggest honor and the best thing I’ve ever done.”

In order to find closure for their loss during their grieving process, the family chose to donate their organs to aid other families. “Pray for the entire family, really. Everyone loved him so much,” Chloe uttered. I understand that everyone is mourning right now, including us, and that trying to get past this will take a lifetime.

After the sad event, the couple’s family dog was brought to Young Williams Animal Center. As per process, the situation is being investigated by the Knox County Sheriff’s Office.

After losing their son, Mark and Chloe Mansoor have cautioned other parents against bringing dogs near infants.
Unfortunately, incidents of dogs attacking infants are not unusual. Three dogs mercilessly mauled a one-year-old boy to death at a babysitter’s house in Texas just last month.

When the horrific event happened, the toddler and three other children were being cared for in the Duncanville, North Texas, house. He was tragically declared dead after being sent to the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas.

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