Kidnapper handcuffed woman to gear shift and warned 'they would both die today' in Canada

Stephen Pilson pled guilty to kidnapping a lady on December 12, 2019. Authorities stated he did it again three days later.

According to the US Department of Justice, a lady escaped her kidnapper after he handcuffed her to a car gear shift and told her he was driving them to Canada, where “they would both die today.”

On Wednesday, federal authorities revealed that Stephen Pilson, 56, had been convicted of kidnapping and interstate violation of a protective order by a jury. The second charge stems from a previous kidnapping involving the same defendant and woman.

Pilson pled guilty to kidnapping her in a Massachusetts court on December 12, 2019. He was sentenced to time served, probation, and a no-contact order. Pilson, on the other hand, quickly broke that directive.

He kidnapped her again on December 15, 2019, and took her to Maine.

Additionally, “Against her will, Pilson tied up Victim-1 using a yellow scarf that was in Victim-1’s car and informed Victim-1 that Pilson was taking Victim-1 to Canada where, Pilson informed Victim-1, they would both die today,” according to court filings.

Kidnapper handcuffed woman to gear shift and warned 'they would both die today' in Canada

According to federal authorities, he began drinking extensively from a large bottle of vodka while driving her automobile. During the drive, Pilson smacked her in the face, inflicting several cuts on her top lip. He drove wildly, nearly colliding with automobiles.

“Trooper Duda was patrolling the Maine Turnpike at approximately 3:40 p.m. on December 15, 2019, when he began receiving multiple reports of a black sedan (the ‘Sedan’) traveling north on the Maine Turnpike and driving erratically,” according to the report.

However, the woman eventually managed to flee near the town of Arundel, southwest of Portland. She grabbed the ignition key in an attempt to remove it, but instead snapped it. Pilson was forced to pull over.

“The victim fled along the highway with Pilson initially following her before fleeing into the woods,” the police report stated. “At least five concerned motorists called 911 and alerted Maine State Troopers to the incident.” Pilson was later apprehended by troopers using a K-9.”

Authorities are conducting a pre-sentence inquiry.

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