Judge requires publication of over 150 Jeffrey Epstein lawsuit identities

A federal judge has ordered the release of the identities of more than 150 persons named in a mountain of court documents relating to notorious financier Jeffrey Epstein, claiming that most of the names were already public and that many had not objected to the publication.

The people whose names will be revealed, including s*x abuse victims, litigation witnesses, Epstein’s workers, and even others with merely a passing connection to the scandal, have until January 1 to file an appeal against the order, which was signed Monday by Judge Loretta A. Preska.

Preska has spent several years reviewing papers sought by the Miami Herald from a civil case filed by one of Epstein’s victims that was subsequently settled.

Judge requires publication of over 150 Jeffrey Epstein lawsuit identities

Many of the data related to that litigation were made public in previous years, but the judge reached decisions on Monday concerning some of the records that were previously withheld on probable privacy grounds, as well as what can be made public about particular people identified in the records.

In several cases, she underlined that individuals had given media interviews or that their names had previously arisen publicly in other ways, including at Epstein’s associate and former girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell’s, trial two years ago.

Preska ruled that some parts of the documents should be kept private, such as those identifying those who were youngsters when Epstein s*xually molested them and tried to protect their privacy.

Judge requires publication of over 150 Jeffrey Epstein lawsuit identities

The Epstein case has sparked a slew of conspiracy theories about wealthy and powerful people being involved in s*x trafficking.

However, the three criminal charges brought by federal and state authorities have centered on allegations of sexual assault by Epstein and Maxwell.

Epstein committed suicide in a federal prison in Manhattan in August 2019 while awaiting trial on s*x trafficking allegations. He was accused of enticing a large number of minor females to his residences under the premise of giving him massages and then s*xually abusing them.

Maxwell, 61, was sentenced to 20 years in jail in December 2021 after being convicted of assisting Epstein in recruiting and s*xually abusing minor girls.

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