Texas Sends 50 More Migrants

On December 4, Denver witnessed the arrival of another busload of migrants from Texas, marking a continued trend in the migration saga. Approximately 40 to 50 migrants, predominantly from Venezuela, arrived at the Capitol steps in Denver around 8:30 a.m. Under Governor Abbott’s direction, this movement is part of Texas’ strategy to transport migrants to various U.S. locations, including Denver. Denver has received over 200 such charter buses in the last six months.

The decision to send migrants to Denver has been a subject of controversy. Evan Dreyer, Deputy Chief of Staff to Denver Mayor Mike Johnston, outlined the contractual agreements between the Texas Governor’s Office and bus companies. However, Jon Ewing, spokesperson for Denver Human Services, criticized the move, suggesting it appeared intentional and undermined local resources.

Texas Sends 50 More Migrants Bus to Denver

Since initiating this practice last year, Denver has encountered significant financial and logistical challenges. The city has spent around $32 million and supported over 29,000 migrants. The influx has been overwhelming, prompting Denver Mayor Mike Johnston to request that Texas halt sending more migrants two months ago.

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Despite these appeals and the absence of recent comments from Governor Abbott’s office, the policy of sending migrants to sanctuary cities like Denver continues. This ongoing situation underscores the complex dynamics of migration management in the U.S., balancing state policies, local resource capabilities, and the needs of migrants seeking better opportunities

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