Jessica Taylor Entrepreneur Landed Her Coffee Products in the Biggest Grocery Stores in Texas

It wasn’t long ago that Jessica Taylor was roasting coffee beans on her home stove. Now, one of Texas’s biggest grocery chains sells her coffee products. She was a national diversity, equity, and inclusion business partner at Toyota before she started her own business. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce says she quickly turned her attention to coffee when her sister Victoria became allergic to soy and nuts and found out she also couldn’t handle lactose.

Following this, Taylor started to work on different recipes on her home stove so that her sister could enjoy one of their favorite treats. At this very moment, she set the groundwork for Ezra Coffee. She wanted to help other minority groups with similar health problems after seeing how her coffee helped her sister.

On top of that, Taylor has since used her coffee company to bring attention to other important issues, such as education and historical pioneers. According to the source, the 64th & Tulsa blend honors Black Wall Street and the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

The website for the company says, “Jessica uses her love of stories and celebrating Black culture in Ezra’s packaging.” “Each name for the blend brings to mind important people and events in American history.” Jessica’s dedication to education goes beyond the bag; Ezra gives some of its profits to give scholarships to students going to college for four years.

Taylor’s business has done very well in just two years in a competitive field that Statista says will be worth $110.7 billion in 2028. After going through Target’s eight-week accelerator program in June 2021, her products are now sold on the store’s online store. At the time this was written, her goods were also sold in over 40 H-E-B stores in Texas.

Taylor wrote on Instagram, “This has been such a labor of love and an amazing experience, and I can truly say I could not have done this without you guys.” “It’s a sign of God’s favor that less than 1% of Black-owned brands have been able to get retail distribution in just 18 months.” When it comes to the future, Ezra Coffee wants to add a lot of new products. The company has also just started doing business in Michigan. They have big plans to expand to other states in 2024.

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