The GOP is always preaching small government. And using government

The GOP says they want a small government but is working to make it bigger. I’ve heard Republicans talk about smaller government for years. Today, though, all I see is them wanting more and more power over everyone.

They want to take away a woman’s responsibility to make her own decisions about her health.

If parents can teach their kids, they want to do that immediately. They want to remove books from the shelves. It should be up to the parents to decide what their kids read, right?

Having to deal with guns is the most difficult part. They don’t seem to want to stop these killings for no reason. It’s your right to drive a car if you meet the requirements. Still, the Republicans don’t seem to care about any of the rules that come with having a gun. It’s kind of like when you drive. We don’t make it illegal for everyone to drive because some people want to drink and drive all the time. It is necessary to call 911 if you see someone stumbling into a car and starting it up. That is the same as going through background checks to own a gun.

Some people want to send their thoughts and prayers, but they never want to take safety steps. The lawmakers in Idaho made it very clear that they hated women.

Lawyer General Labrador has asked the US Supreme Court to let Idaho’s strict abortion law go into effect while lower courts make a decision. In Idaho, a woman has to be dying before a baby can be killed to save her life. In federal law, on the other hand, a patient has to be stabilized before they can be killed. Because of this, many OB/GYN doctors are leaving the state.

The lawmakers got rid of the Maternal Mortality Review Committee this year. What was their argument? They did what the Idaho Freedom Foundation told them. It doesn’t matter that Idaho’s maternal mortality rate has gone through the roof or that it is now the only state without a group like this.

In addition, lawmakers wouldn’t let mothers on Medicaid get care for 12 months after giving birth. It looks like the lives of mothers aren’t worth the money.

The lawmakers want Idaho women to lie down and play dead. Will they do it? Or are we going to act?

It’s Time to Stabilize the Medicare Payment System.

Concerned about the harm that closing doctor’s offices might cause to Idaho’s rural areas, especially to minority groups like Native Americans and Hispanics, I’m writing to you. Right now, Congress can and should take action to help stop these kinds of hospital closures and make it easier for Medicare patients to see doctors.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) suggested that the 2024 Medicare payment schedule will result in a 3.36% pay cut for doctors. These cuts may hurt marginalized groups the most.

To avoid a disaster, Congress must pass a law stopping the planned 3.36% payment cut in 2024. Also, it is very important that H.R. 2474, the “Strengthening Medicare for Patients and Providers Act,” is passed. This bill would permanently update the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule based on inflation. This will stabilize the Medicare payment system and make sure that rural areas, especially those with large Hispanic and Native American populations, get the care they need.

But it’s not going to happen by itself. We need someone in charge in Washington to push for real answers like these. Senate Majority Leader Mike Crapo of Idaho should step up and fix how Medicare pays doctors.

The Statesman published a very short and incorrect story on November 24 about Idaho’s salmon. Voices and issues from Idaho barely show up in the story.

Contrary to the title, no “secret plan” exists to take down the lower Snake dams. Private settlement talks are going on to bring back the salmon in the Snake and Columbia rivers, as the treaty, the law, and justice demand. The results will be available in a few weeks.

Regarding salmon policy, the government is not ignoring the people of the Northwest. It has worked with the Nez Perce Tribe, the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes, and other Northwest First Nations more directly and consistently than any other government. The result will be known soon, but the Biden Administration should be praised for its ongoing and in-depth talks with tribes about federal policies causing salmon to go extinct.

Idaho will win if the choices coming up don’t end the lives of this amazing animal that is important to many first- and second-generation Idahoans’ cultures, diets, ways of making a living, and prayers.

Finally, why does the Statesman think reporters from Washington, D.C., can better cover Idaho’s salmon problem than its skilled reporters? Fewer Idahoans are showing up in your stories about Idaho fish now.

Pat Ford, Boise

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Please Be Considerate with Christmas Lights

It’s the Christmas season, and the lights are shining bright. A lot of people enjoy the practice of putting up Christmas lights, but for some, it can be seen as light pollution or light trespassing. Putting up Christmas lights outside not only uses more energy, but more and more studies show that artificial light at night can harm people’s health. When you put up your outside lights, please consider how they will affect your neighbourhood.

If you want to be polite with your Christmas lights, don’t shine them in your neighbours’ windows. If your outside lights shine on nearby homes, leaving them on from dusk until dawn is not polite. You could set a timer for them. How to behave around holiday lights isn’t hard or confusing. When you hang your holiday lights, use common sense and consider how they will affect your neighbours.

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