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Israeli music festival survivor recounts horror of Hamas attack

Israeli music festival survivor recounts horror of Hamas attack

HUDSON When too many rockets were fired on October 7, last year, Matan Boltax and some friends were having a great time snapping selfies at a music festival near Gaza. The day was supposed to be filled with happiness and fun, but it ended abruptly.

Speaking to a throng on Sunday at the Wick Hotel in the City of Hudson, 23-year-old Boltax stated, “We knew the festival was over, and the music wasn’t going back on.” And it made everyone unhappy.

Boltax relocated to Israel when he was nine years old, having been born on Long Island. Later, he served in the Israeli Defense Forces. However, on this fatal day over four months ago, while he and his friends were leaving the music festival, Hamas terrors targeted targets, killing over 1,200 Israelis throughout the day. They also came across mayhem and abandoned cars.

They sought sanctuary in shelters after picking up some more people and enduring the day’s shock, until Boltax made a friend in a town and took refuge at his family’s home.

One of the victims we picked up was kind of tripping out due to the constant rocket fire, he stated. Additionally, he believed me to be a terrorist each time we entered a bomb shelter, which happened roughly every five minutes, and we had to console him each time. It was simply extremely intense and cramped.

Eventually, Boltax and the others left the refuge, and by 8 p.m. that night, he had made it safely home to his family.

He replied that nobody really knew what was going on. Even the news was at a loss on what to cover.

After that day, he found out about people he knew who had either been taken hostage or had bravely fought against the terrorists after being destroyed by a grenade attack on a shelter.

Boltax reported for reserve service to assist in defending Israel within a few days. And he has been sharing his experiences during the ongoing war with Hamas as Israel has remained united since October 7, 2023.

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