IRS Announces Extension of Free File Program to 2029

The IRS and a group of private tax software businesses have extended the Free File program through 2029, enabling the majority of Americans to file their federal taxes at no cost.

According to the IRS, Free File processed 2.9 million returns this season until May 11—a 7.3% increase over the same period last year.

“Free File has been an important partner with the IRS for more than two decades and helped tens of millions of taxpayers,” Ken Corbin, chief of IRS taxpayer services, stated in a statement Wednesday. “This extension will continue that relationship into the future.”

“This multi-year agreement will also provide certainty for private-sector partners to help with their future Free File planning,” Corbin further continued.

The federal tax extension deadline of October 15th is still open for use with IRS Free File.

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For 2023 returns, you can use Free File if your adjusted gross income is $79,000 or less. This is an increase from 2022 when it was $73,000. For any income level, fillable forms are still accessible.


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