Indiana prisoners get $1,200 to assist rehabilitation during release

The Indiana Department of Correction is assisting recently released inmates in regaining their footing so that they do not end themselves back in jail.

The agency is providing $1,200 checks to some former convicts to aid with the costs of re-entering society.

The funds come from a $250,000 donation from the Duke Energy Foundation to the Hoosier Initiative for Re-Entry, or “HIRE.”

One program participant says it helped him succeed in his new position at a property management company in Floyd County.

“I was able to learn about my addiction, myself, and then also gain skills and technical skills to help me now,” Landon Rothbauer said in an interview with WLKY.

Indiana prisoners get $1,200 to assist rehabilitation during release

Rothbauer was imprisoned in Indiana in 2015 for theft and substance misuse. He claims that while there, he was given the skills he needed to change his life.


“I saw an opportunity to study, a lot of time on my hands to read books– and to learn what was going on and what was going wrong,” Rothbauer told me.

While jailed, the HIRE program taught him everything from résumé writing to on-the-job training.

“We’re able to help get them [inmates] ready to go to those interviews, succeed in those interviews, and potentially and hopefully get into those job positions as soon as they’re able to,” Kristal Shriner, the regional director of HIRE, said.

Indiana prisoners get $1,200 to assist rehabilitation during release

According to Shriner, the program’s purpose is to help formerly jailed people reintegrate back into society.

Rothbauer said he returned home three months ago with the abilities and mindset he needed to take on his new post thanks to the program.

“At the lowest point in my life, you know, they came in to teach me to be the best version of myself and gave me tools to help me succeed upon release,” Rothbauer went on to say.

Nearly 200 people have benefited from the HIRE program, and when they are freed, they will receive a $1,200 check from the Indiana Department of Correction.

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