Increased Police Presence at State Fair of Texas After Weekend Violence

DALLAS – A bigger police presence is part of the plan to make the State Fair of Texas safer after the shooting over the weekend. That includes the food court in the tower building, which is where the killing took place. The State Fair of Texas is full of people and families having a good time. From above, safety teams keep an eye on everything.

People who went to the show said, “I will say I was a little nervous coming, but it’s actually been great.” At the entry gates, the shooting on Saturday is still being felt. Before people go through a gate that looks for guns, security checks each bag. When people get inside the fair, uniformed Dallas cops walk with them.

Also, there is a new booth for the Dallas Police Department in the food court. That’s where police say 22-year-old Cameron Turner pulled out a gun and shot three people on Saturday night. “I saw a lot of police officers. A lot of the police cops are walking, not sitting. “They seemed very careful to me,” said fairgoer Naim Rasheed.

Because of this, Naim Rasheed and his wife Stacey Rasheed felt safe taking their 18-month-old granddaughter to the show. “The police and security guards are more visible than they used to be.” “And there are more safety measures in place,” Stacey said.

FOX 4 talked to the director of security for the State Fair of Texas and was told that there would be no changes to the security procedures, just more protection. Virginia Petroline took her husband and three children to the fair. They were aware of the rise.

“I have seen extra police officers and patrolling, and I felt great,” she stated. “There was nothing that made me feel bad; I like having them here.” I believe we would be okay if something happened. The light of day also helped. The State Fair of Texas and the Dallas cops haven’t said how Turner got a gun at the state fair. People with a license to carry can bring a concealed firearm to the state fair. Fox 4 called the Department of Safety to find out if Turner’s license is still good. The information was told to us to be kept secret.

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