I-45 Revealed as The Deadliest Highway in Texas

One of the longest highways in Texas is Interstate 45, which goes from Dallas to Galveston over 285 miles and goes through big towns like Houston. Because of this, it has some of the highest traffic rates; some parts see as many as 275,000 cars every day. However, this also means that it can be a place where major car accidents happen a lot.

Because so many drivers die on I-45, it has been called the “deadliest highway in Texas” and the most dangerous highway in the United States for more than ten years. The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) says that 56.5 crashes end in death every 100 miles on this highway. This is the worst rate for any highway in Texas; it’s almost twice as high as the rate for other big highways in the state.

Factors for Fatal Accidents on I-45 in Texas

This is because of many things that make I-45 in Texas a dangerous place for driving. One reason is that there are so many cars on the road during rush hour. When there are a lot of cars on the road, it can be hard for drivers to find their way around and stay at a safe speed. This can make them drive more erratically and raise the risk of an accident.

One of the main causes is speeding, which is not a surprise since Texas already has one of the highest speed limits in the country. A lot of drivers go over the speed limit and can’t keep their cars under control in an accident. Distracted driving is also a big problem since cell phones and other gadgets can easily take drivers’ attention away from the road while they’re trying to get through the traffic.

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Some parts of I-45 have been under building for years, and more work is still to be done. TxDOT recently announced a project to widen I-45N through Houston. During the project, lanes will be closed to make room for construction teams, which could make traffic worse.

Drive Safely on I-45 in Texas

I-45 comes with a lot of risks that drivers should be aware of. There are many things that drivers can do to stay safe on this highway. The most important thing is to always follow the speed limit. You are more likely to lose control of your car and get into a major accident if you are going too fast.

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Also, be extra careful when driving through building zones because workers may be present, lanes may be narrowed, or there may be other traffic hazards. I-45 also has a lot of problems with drivers who are distracted. People who are driving should put their phones away or turn them off so they can keep their eyes on the road. Lastly, you may not always be able to avoid traffic during rush hour, but finding other routes can be very helpful for your safety.

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