Hunter Biden accuses republicans of utilizing his father's love as a political tool

According to a source, Hunter Biden, President Biden’s son, accused GOP leaders on Wednesday of weaponizing his father’s love for him in order to use it as “evidence of corrupt complicity” in their investigation into the family’s financial affairs.

Republicans, according to the younger Biden, “weaponized my dad’s love for me and turned his greatest strengths — his compassion, empathy, and authenticity — into evidence of corrupt complicity.”

“They’ve made it really hard for people to square that circle, which is why the [former President Trump’s] cult is obsessed with me,” he went on to say.

The president’s son made a quick appearance at the Capitol on Wednesday, instead of attending for a scheduled deposition in response to a subpoena from House Republicans.

Hunter Biden stated that he preferred to appear in public, although Republicans want a closed-door deposition as part of their inquiry into the president. Part of their investigation focused on his international business operations and how the Biden family may have benefited from the president’s position.

Hunter Biden accuses republicans of utilizing his father's love as a political tool

Republicans have used his reluctance to sit for a secret deposition as yet another reason to launch an impeachment investigation on the president, which the House formally approved on Wednesday night by a party-line vote of 221-212.

The younger Biden emphasized on Wednesday that his father was not “financially involved” in his firm, denying GOP claims that as vice president, he acted in Ukraine to promote his son’s business.

According to Axios, Hunter Biden thinks he has “two equal responsibilities now.”

“The first is staying clean and sober, and the second is defending my dad,” he allegedly stated. “My mistakes are due to him, not because of him.” And that is why I must continue to expose their lies as loudly and frequently as possible.”

According to sources close to Hunter Biden’s team, he believes that responding to the continued attacks will actually improve President Biden’s reputation and position with voters.

The two Republicans pushing the inquiry, House Oversight Chair James Comer (Ky.) and House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan (Ohio), committed Wednesday to hold Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress after he failed to attend for the deposition.

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