Houston guy raped minors and made child pornography while ‘tutoring’

According to the US Attorney’s Office, a 39-year-old Houston man has been sentenced to more than 27 years in prison for creating child p*rnography for many girls.

Nam Vu Bui entered a guilty plea on August 21. Chief U.S. District Judge Lee H. Rosenthal sentenced him to 330 months in prison. The court heard from two of the victims during a hearing, and they were honored for their bravery in reliving the events and the suffering they caused and continue to cause them.

Bui was also ordered to pay $19,680 in reparations to the victims and will serve 10 years on supervised release after his jail sentence is completed. During that time, he will be subject to a slew of restrictions designed to limit his access to youngsters and the internet. Bui will also have to register as a sexual offender.

In imposing the sentences, Judge Rosenthal stated that what Bui did was terrible, and that child sexual assaults, such as those he perpetrated, should be labeled as rape.

“The bravery shown by the victims in this case is to be commended,” Hamdani added. “They spoke out against evil, rose above years of abuse, and have given true meaning to the term survivor.” It is my hope that after hearing about these courageous young women, more victims would speak out against their abusers. It is the first step in holding these child sexual abusers accountable.”

Houston guy raped minors and made child pornography while ‘tutoring’

Bui initially came to the notice of Vermont authorities when he pretended to be a medical student undertaking cancer research. As part of that “research,” he persuaded his girlfriend’s dorm room friends to let him do gynecological tests on them. When he asked one of the victims to wear a blindfold, she became suspicious. She peered behind it and discovered he was recording what he was doing without her permission.

The investigation discovered that Bui was from Houston and had infiltrated the families of his fiancée and other Vietnamese immigrants as a tutor for their female minor children. During the tutoring sessions, he s*xually abused the minor victims and videotaped them performing activities such as oral s*x on him.

Bui also duped the victims into creating child pornography of themselves for him. He set phony email accounts pretending to be attorneys at fictitious law firms, victims’ friends, and a vigilante fighting a child pornography ring allegedly made up of law enforcement agents.

Authorities later searched his Houston home, which he shared with his mother. Bui produced photos of three juvenile victims and others, according to forensic analysis of the confiscated objects in the home.

He has been and will continue to be detained until transfer to a prison to be determined by the US Bureau of Prisons in the near future.

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