Home News Hochul prioritizes cost of living, housing in State of State

Hochul prioritizes cost of living, housing in State of State

Hochul prioritizes cost of living, housing in State of State

ALBANY: The 57th governor of the state, Kathy Hochul, gave the 2024 State of the State address on Tuesday in Albany.

In his speech, Hochul emphasized the need to lower living expenses, combat inflation, and increase the supply of homes in the state. She also spoke on public safety, pledging to concentrate on lowering hate crimes, domestic abuse, and retail theft.

Nothing else counts if the government is unable to protect its people, the speaker declared.

According to Hochul, there was a 30% decrease in gun offenses in the state in 2023. She added that the state has become safer and that the state’s bail reform legislation have decreased crime, which are two further signs that her public safety agenda is having an impact.

Hochul revealed her “targeted plan,” which aims to reduce domestic violence. The governor claims that 84% of domestic abuse arrests in New York City alone result in dismissals. Hochul promised district attorneys an extra $20 million in targeted financing to help keep domestic abusers accountable.

Hochul declared, “I say no more,” adding that “the chaos must end” in regards to retail theft. She declared her support for toughening rules against those who conduct violent crimes against retail sellers and unveiled plans to create a new state police unit dedicated to investigating retail theft.

Additionally, Hochul discussed the current spike in hate crimes. She claimed that since the terrorist attack on Israel on October 7th by Hamas, there has been a 95% rise in hate crimes against Jewish citizens in the City of New York. She added that there has been a rise in hate crimes against Muslims and suggested that more crimes be designated as hate crimes in order to put an end to the bloodshed.

According to Hochul, the mental health system has been underfunded and given low priority for many years. Declaring mental health to be the greatest challenge of our day, she discussed the increased funds that her government had managed to obtain. She promised to make mental health care available to every child of school age and stated that this investment had led to the creation of more than 1,000 new psychiatric beds.

Additionally, Hochul advocated for a major expansion of mental health courts. In addition to helping patients, she believes that expanding the options accessible to New Yorkers with mental health issues will increase public safety. According to her, people’s circumstances only worsen when they don’t receive assistance.

In addition to addressing affordability, the governor claimed that many New Yorkers’ lives had been transformed by the increase in the minimum wage and its tie to inflation. She also demanded a sharp rise in disability leave pay, from $170 to $1,250 per week, pointing out that the benefit hasn’t changed in 35 years and that it’s past time for an update.

Hochul stated that the state’s citizens’ unreasonable high mortgage rates and rentals are the biggest obstacle to affordable housing. She claimed that a shortage of houses is the main reason for the issue.

We should have a conversation about the issue of outmigration, she remarked. A large number of our neighbors will remain in financial hardship until we take action to solve the shortage of homes.

to build as many as 15,000 new homes Hochul intends to make use of college campuses and offer rewards to communities that encourage the construction of new housing complexes. She claimed that the state’s housing market is experiencing an affordability crisis and that it is imperative that action be taken immediately to support New York City by building 500,000 new houses.

Hochul stated that we are unable to spend money that we do not possess in reference to the next state budget. Inflation affected state governments in addition to families. She stated that the state will have to create this year’s budget within its means because the federal pandemic funds are no longer available.

Hochul added, “You’ve heard promises before, and it’s hard not to be cynical,” before concluding her speech. She asserted that the state’s future is bright, despite the challenging times. Hochul reminded New Yorkers that “everyone here was somebody else before,” citing pop singer Taylor Swift, and that “hope and optimism are the best paths forward.”

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