Here We Discovered the Cheapest Gas Towns for You in Kentucky

There are a lot of things that affect how much you pay at the pump besides supply and demand. Gas prices are also affected by the price of oil, government rules and policies, and the cost of moving fuel into the state. In this case, gas prices are usually higher in Florida than in Texas because Florida doesn’t have as many refineries and pipes as Texas does. Prices tend to be cheaper in Kentucky than in other states because it has gas refineries. Check out these seven Kentucky towns for the cheapest gas prices and learn about the places with the cheapest regular gas.

Towns With the Cheapest Gas in Kentucky


Lowest gas price: $2.58

Henderson is in western Kentucky, near the border with Indiana and the Ohio River. It is home to 27,716 people and is the county seat of Henderson County. It is an area outside of Evansville that feels like a crowded suburb and is home to many families. Henderson feels like a small town with lots of nice people. It’s known for having a low cost of living, nice public schools, cheap homes, and lots of things to do outside. But there is more crime there, and people who live there make less money than the national average. At the moment, Henderson has the lowest gas prices in Kentucky.


Lowest gas price: $2.60

Owensboro is the county seat of Daviess County and the fourth most populous city in Kentucky. It is on US Route 60, a little more than 100 miles southwest of Louisville. Owensboro is home to about 60,000 people and has a sparse suburban feel. A lot of families and young workers live there. The cost of living in this city is cheap, the public schools are good, and it’s easy to get to work. However the crime rate is higher than average for a city its size, and the median family income is lower than average.


Lowest gas price: $2.67

Hopkinsville is a city in southwest Kentucky, close to the border with Tennessee. It has 30,683 people living in it, and it is the county seat of Christian County. An open, neighborhood feel can be felt in Hopkinsville, which is home to many families. Most homes in this city are worth less than $120,000, so the cost of living is cheap. But it also has low family incomes, more crime, and schools that aren’t as good.

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