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“Hammer Man” convicted for violent attack

PUCKHKEEPSIE A jury found Angel Castro Llanos guilty on Friday in Dutchess County Court after he was charged with assault after hitting someone with a hammer. On November 6, 2022, Llanos struck his victim in the head with a hammer on Main Street. Five days later, he was taken into custody and charged with felony assault.

The defendant beat the victim with a bat, causing severe injuries to the victim’s skull.

The case was prosecuted by Senior Assistant Dutchess County District Attorneys Scott Johnson and James Bryant, who expressed satisfaction with the guilty finding that the jury rendered on Friday afternoon in Dutchess County Court Judge Jessica Segal’s courtroom.

The only reasonable conclusion the jury could reach after considering the evidence was that, when the defendant decided to hit the guy in the head with a hammer, he did so with the intention of causing him bodily harm, according to Prosecutor Johnson. In the end, he added, the defendant’s self-defense claim was not convincing. At least in this instance, hitting someone in the head with a hammer because they shoved you away was not a legally acceptable behavior.

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