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Guns and drugs get guilty pleas in Orange County

Guns and drugs get guilty pleas in Orange County
Steven Bostic

GOSHEN: Two males from Orange County have admitted guilt to a range of offenses related to unlawful weapons and drug possession. District Attorney David M. Hoovler of Orange County claims that the men’s guns were dangerous since they were stored close to youngsters.

In Orange County Court, 41-year-old Steven Bostic entered a guilty plea to charges of illegal possession of a weapon and criminal possession of a controlled substance.When he is sentenced on April 22, it is anticipated that he will receive a total punishment of 10 years in jail and 5 years of post-release monitoring.

Natore Dennis, 27, of Newburgh also entered a guilty plea to second-degree criminal possession of a weapon. Dennis will be sentenced on May 13 and could spend up to five years in prison and five years under post-release supervision.

According to claims made in court and in documents submitted, City of Newburgh police officers were called to a domestic altercation at a residence on April 30, 2023, in the evening. Bostic eventually gave in to the police’ requests to enter the house. Three small children and a woman with obvious injuries were noticed by the cops. One of the toddlers guided the officers to the defendant’s bed, where they found a loaded pistol hidden beneath a blanket.

Natore Dennis

Subsequent DNA evidence connected Bostic to the firearm. On June 21, while the charges in that case were still pending, Bostic was seen by Newburgh Police Department officers conducting a hand-to-hand drug deal. Later, from Bostic’s fanny pack, police found large amounts of cocaine and fentanyl packaged for sale. Bostic acknowledged having the loaded gun and cocaine with the intention of selling them during the plea hearing.

On October 16, 2023, late in the evening, Newburgh Police were called to a home in reference to a guy who was allegedly carrying a pistol. Dennis was located next to three sleeping children when the cops were finally granted entry into the house. Next to a mattress where the kids had been sleeping, officers found a loaded handgun that had been illegally owned in a bag after placing Dennis under arrest on an outstanding arrest warrant. Dennis acknowledged obtaining the loaded gun illegally during the plea hearing.

According to Hoovler, the increase in illicit gun ownership puts our County’s law-abiding inhabitants in grave risk. The fact that the firearms in both of these instances were kept close to defenseless children makes them especially heinous. We should give the City of Newburgh Police Department credit for their hard work in removing two unlawfully owned guns from circulation along with their owners. The prosecution of illicit firearms and the ensuing bloodshed that we all too frequently witness are the main priorities of my agency.

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