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Guilty verdict in murder for hire

Guilty verdict in murder for hire
Enoch Lowe

GOSHEN An Orange County Court jury found a 25-year-old Wallkill resident guilty of murder after he hired a different man to kill his neighbor.

Enoch Lowe will be sentenced in July and will not be eligible for parole.

During the trial, it was claimed that Lowe paid Middletown resident Damante Stansberry, 24, to kill his neighbor, with whom he had a history of hostility.

Prosecutors said in court that Lowe gave Stansberry a $15,000 contract to murder the neighbor and that Lowe would serve as a watchman, alerting Stansberry when the victim was alone herself, outside, and at risk of assault.

After showing up at the 53-year-old victim’s house at approximately 5 p.m. on October 30, 2022, Stansberry attacked him as he was fixing a fence in his backyard.

Evidence presented in court established Shortly prior to Stansberry departing to carry out the murder, Lowe texted him, and as soon as Stansberry got back from the murder, they had a phone conversation.

Stansberry admitted to murder on March 30, 2023, and he is currently awaiting sentencing.

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