Governor Murphy Vetoes Brewery Bill

Governor Murphy vetoed Senate Bill S-3038 with restrictions. For a short time, this bill would have let breweries hold as many events on-site as they wanted and work with food vendors to create on-site menus. Regulations for booze licenses will change a lot because of the veto. Individuals who forgot to update their licenses because of unplanned events can get them back if they apply within one year of expiration and pay the necessary fees.

Furthermore, the veto changes the rules for Class C licenses. The original license numbers will stay the same, but these licenses will now have to follow new rules made by the ABC Director. This happens when renewals are missed or no help is asked for in eight years. Local governments can use the veto to renew Class C licenses that haven’t been used in two years, but they can also refuse to renew licenses that have been idle for more than two years unless there are special circumstances.

Governor Murphy Vetoes Brewery Bill

In addition, the veto lets cities and towns issue special licenses for shopping malls bigger than 500,000 square feet to sell booze. One pass is needed for every 150,000 square feet, and they can only be used in the original mall. The normal limits on liquor licenses based on population don’t apply to these special permits.

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The ABC Director is responsible for making these changes happen. Although some parts of the new rules go into effect immediately, others won’t until 180 days from now. Despite these changes, Governor Murphy has said that even bigger changes are needed.

Reforms will not happen during the Lame Duck session, though. Contact Andrew LaFevre, Legislative Analyst, at [email protected] or 609-695-3481, x116, for more information.

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