Georgian Marjorie Taylor-Greene feels “Sick and Tired of the Stupid People in Washington”

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor-Green, Georgia’s most vocal and controversial Republican, was mocked as part of a talk show opening monologue on December 19. In November, Jimmy Kimmel roasted MTG when her latest book was met with a tepid review.

This time, Jimmy Fallon put the Georgia Republican to task for a remark she made during her December 17 speech to the Turning Point ‘AmFest’ event, in which she made some offhand observations regarding the behavior of her fellow politicians in the House of Representatives and Congress more broadly.

MTG made disparaging statements about the IQ of those around her in a long, rambling speech to an ultra-conservative audience gathered to hear MTG as well as other controversial Republicans such as Steve Bannon, Matt Gaetz, and others.

As she states:“I am sick and tired of the stupid people in Washington making horrible decisions, causing Americans to go broke. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, and that’s because we have stupid people in Washington, DC, and I can say that for a fact because I work with many of them. And I’m not just talking about Democrats.”

It remains to be seen whether the Georgia Republican will face consequences as a result of his remarks, which could go beyond a TV roasting.

Is Taylor-Greene a contributor to the problem?

While Marjorie Taylor-Greene is perfectly content to criticize people around her for their alleged lack of intelligence, there will be plenty of lawmakers in her own party and beyond who will doubt her intelligence as well.

She was kicked off of the far-right Republican Freedom Caucus earlier this year after its members became increasingly annoyed with the outrageous things MTG had done and said.

The turning point appears to have occurred when she was caught on camera arguing with her fellow Republican Lauren Boebert, who had reportedly ‘copied’ MTG’s articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden. Such public demonstrations may not always indicate a lack of intelligence.

Georgian Marjorie Taylor-Greene feels “Sick and Tired of the Stupid People in Washington”

However, in January of this year, another Republican, Michael McCaul, declared that he believed MTG needed to be educated in order to avoid falling for more Internet-promoted notions, for which she has been widely mocked.

McCaul states further:“She realizes she doesn’t know everything and wants to learn and become more of a team player. I think it’s incumbent upon more senior members of Congress…to try and bring her in and try to educate her that these theories that she has are not accurate.”

MTG out of friends in Washington, D.C.?

Georgia’s Taylor-Greene’s remarks as she addressed the audience at the Turning Point event follow a number of other disparaging remarks she has made about both her political opponents in the Democrats and others in her own party.

In November, she escalated her attacks on her fellow Republicans, stating that she understands those who had lost faith in her party. While her remarks appear to stem from her displeasure that her party will not unite to back her initiatives, it appears unlikely that her remarks will accomplish anything but rally support for her.

What about calling her coworkers stupid? The repercussions of that, however, remain to be seen.

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