Georgia City Ranks in Top 5 Sleep Deprived Cities Due to Financial Concerns

A new study shows that Georgians don’t get enough sleep because they are stressed about money, with Albany being one of the five cities most affected. Not only do worries about money cost money, they also cause mental and physical stress. More and more studies show that having a lot of debt is bad for your mental health, especially when it comes to how stress over money can make sleep problems worse. The effects are very bad: not getting enough sleep has been linked to many mental and physical health problems.

In September 2023, BadCredit paid for a study to find out how much worrying about money keeps people from sleeping. They polled 3,000 people to find out how many said their debts (not including mortgages) keep them awake at night. They then mixed this information with County Health Rankings data on people who don’t get enough sleep. This helped them figure out which U.S. states and counties are being impacted the most.

The study found that financial worries have the most significant effect on the sleeping habits of people in Hawaii. 28% of Hawaii respondents, or 410,410 people, said they don’t get enough sleep because they’re afraid of what might happen if they don’t take care of their responsibilities.

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The study’s results make Georgia’s sleep problem clear. Here, these money problems keep 1,943,922 people from getting enough sleep. That’s 18% of all the people in the state. In fact, Georgians placed 21st overall for being one of the most likely to have trouble sleeping because of money worries.

Here is a better look at the top 10 states where people seem to be unable to sleep because of worries about money:

  • Hawaii: 28%
  • West Virginia: 26%
  • Rhode Island: 23%
  • Idaho: 23%
  • Kansas: 22%
  • Connecticut: 21%
  • Arizona: 21%
  • South Carolina: 21%
  • New Jersey: 21%
  • Maine: 21%

Vermont, on the other hand, turned out to be a relatively safe haven, with only 9% of its residents reporting sleep problems linked to money.

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Over time, this kind of constant worry can turn into health problems like headaches, muscle tension, heart problems, and trouble sleeping. Having your mental and physical health get worse over and over again makes it even harder to get out of debt.

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