Georgia City Becomes the First Sensory-inclusive Certified City for Disabled Americans

The city cops in Lithonia said that the city was the first in Georgia to be “Kulture City sensory-inclusive certified.” The Lithonia Police Department says that Kulture City is a non-profit group whose goal is to promote sensory accessibility and inclusion for people with unseen disabilities, such as autism, PTSD, Parkinson’s disease, and more.

Being sensory-inclusive is something that Kulture City’s website says will help “first responders serve all citizens regardless of their sensory needs, mental health challenges or invisible disabilities.”

The department said on Friday that the city had been certified as sensory-inclusive. This means that the police department gives its officers “specialized training” and has made simple, “highly impactful modifications” to make sure the community is sensory-inclusive.

“Knowing about sensory needs is a strong driver of acceptance and inclusion because it helps us understand and help people with hidden disabilities,” the department said in a statement. It is estimated that “many people in the United States will have a sensory or communication disorder in their lifetime.” The HHS says that these diseases include problems with hearing, seeing, balance, smell and taste, voice, speech, or language.

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The HHS sensory information is mostly about the physical senses and how impairments affect them. The Kulture City license, on the other hand, is about making sure that people with mental illnesses, physical changes and disorders, and learning disabilities have a safe place to live and interact. According to the nonprofit, people with invisible disabilities respond to things in different ways and can feel overwhelmed more easily than neurotypical people.

LPD says that recognizing the needs of people with unseen disabilities and making the department sensory-inclusive gives everyone in the community more options and helps officers understand how people with sensory needs see and interact with the world. Police Chief Don Dejarnette said the same thing about the license and was also excited about it. He called it an accomplishment.

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It makes me happy that our city is the first in Georgia to get the Kulture City sensory inclusive recognition. “This training and the sensory kits we gave our officers will help us understand and help people with hidden disabilities better, which will make our community safer and more welcoming,” Dejarnette said in a statement. With this certification, the Lithonia Police Department joins more than 20 other First Responder Departments. The Kulture City nonprofit can help you get this qualification.

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