Gaithersburg City Revealed as the Worst City to Live in Maryland State

A study released Tuesday by WalletHub says that Gaithersburg, Maryland is the most diverse city in the United States. The study looked at over 500 of the U.S.’s biggest cities and ranked them by how diverse they were in terms of religion, culture, race, family income, and other factors. We gave Gaithersburg a score of 73.09.

The city also came in first place in the “Small City” category, which is for towns with less than 100,000 people. One of the top three places on the list was Germantown, Maryland. It got the highest score for cultural diversity (72.94), and the top score for socioeconomic diversity was also given to Silver Spring.

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In February, WalletHub ranked Gaithersburg as the third most culturally diverse city overall and the second most diverse small city. The rating was based on three main indicators of ethnic diversity: race and ethnicity, language, and place of birth.

Mayor Jud Ashman of Gaithersburg said in a statement, “It seems that no matter what data points are used to measure diversity, Gaithersburg is always at or near the top of these lists.” “That makes us proud and reminds us of how fantastic, lively, and welcoming our community is and must remain so that everyone feels welcome.”

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Three of the top five places on the list are in Texas: Houston, Arlington, and Austin. Los Angeles came in at number 10 to round out the top 10. New York City was ranked sixth.

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