From Drive-Ins to Hikes, Arizona Has Most Romantic Things to Do That You Will Remember!

A good date, or even a great date, relies on a lot of things, like fun questions to get to know you, flirting styles that work well together, the elusive “vibe check,” and so on. They haven’t asked you a question in 60 minutes and have been going on and on like they’re recording a podcast for their 72 monthly followers. We can’t help you find out their birthday or kick them under the table. We can give you some ideas for good places to go on a date, on the other hand. Here are some Phoenix date ideas that will at least get you to a cool place. Good luck out there.

Arizona’s Most Beautiful Scenery

When you think about the head and the limited hiking times, being outside and moving is a great date idea. You’re going somewhere. You are speaking. Many easy hikes around the Valley of the Sun make it easy to talk while you’re out on the tracks. The Big Butte Loop Trail in Papago Park is a great example. There are extra points for stopping at the Hole in the Rock feature at sunset. We might suggest that you wait a few weeks before making the trip up Camelback Mountain.

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Taliesin West by Frank Lloyd Wright is a great place for a date because it is in a beautiful location with views of the mountains and has amazing architecture. You can take a self-guided walk of Taliesin West’s home and studio using your headphones and smartphone. You have 60 minutes to explore the grounds at your own pace, which gives you plenty of time to talk with other visitors.

When spring comes to Phoenix, it’s time for Spring Training games. But after the visiting teams leave at the end of March, you and your boyfriend can still go to the ballpark. The Diamondbacks are one of the most affordable baseball teams, so your date won’t break the bank, and it will be easy to talk on your first date. Book a table at Cold Beers & Cheeseburgers inside the stadium for dinner and the game.

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Spend the day together at the Musical Instrument Museum, which is one of the best cultural spots in Phoenix. The museum has a huge collection of items from 200 countries and 7,500 instruments. There are also many hands-on and interactive displays. Many shows and events are going on all the time, so check the calendar. Not much time to spend? Get tickets to the current special show to see a carefully chosen group of musical gems.

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