Fresno becomes second US city to ban caste discrimination

NBC reported that Fresno, California, is the second city in the US to ban discrimination based on caste. The city council passed a motion unanimously that added two new protected categories to the city’s municipal code. Seattle was the first city in the US to ban discrimination based on race in February. When the state assembly of California passed a bill to do the same in September, this followed.

NBC reported on Friday that the move comes during a national civil rights movement that is mostly led by South Asian Americans who have been mistreated because of their race. On NBC, Annalisa Perea, vice president of the Fresno city council, said, “I’m proud of our city for once again raising the bar on civil rights protections.” “While we acknowledge that discrimination won’t end overnight, our city took bold action by passing this anti-discrimination policy to strengthen civil rights protections against caste discrimination.”

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The leaders of caste equality have been on a hunger strike for three weeks to get California Governor Newsom to sign Senate Bill 403. This bill would include caste in the state’s policy against discrimination. There will be no end to the strike until the bill is signed into law, which could happen as late as October 14.

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