Home News Former home health aide going to prison for swindling patients

Former home health aide going to prison for swindling patients

Former home health aide going to prison for swindling patients

Kingston After admitting guilt to felony grand larceny in Ulster County Court in September, the former home health aide was given a prison sentence for embezzling money from two elderly individuals in her care. The 59-year-old criminal was found guilty of misdemeanor larceny after inflicting the same injury on her own mother in the past. Probation was Yenzer’s punishment for the misdemeanor.

Jackie Yenzer was sentenced to one to three years in state prison by County Court Judge Bryan Rounds on Friday. Additionally, the judge ordered Jackie to pay $10,000 in reparations to her two victims.

The sentencing stemmed from thefts that Yenzer, a home health attendant, perpetrated during a few weeks in November 2022 while taking care of the retired Ulster County Undersheriff Eric Benjamin’s mother-in-law and aging mother. Yenzer had gained the family’s trust and affection, so the retired undersheriff’s statement, which was read aloud at the sentencing, said, “I have served the criminal justice system for over 40 years, more specifically in a law enforcement capacity, and while I am aware that this is a property crime, the manner in which it was perpetrated is very disturbing.”

District Attorney for Ulster County Emmanuel Nneji declared, “This behavior is abhorrent.” It took advantage of the victims’ confidence in her and made them feel vulnerable since they thought she was looking out for their best interests. Some of our older community members find it difficult to accept such support, even when it is so severely needed, because of this betrayal of trust. She may have taken money and goods, but more than anything else, she stole their sense of security and peace of mind, which cannot be made up for with compensation. When we take into account how tough it is to obtain home health aides, it is even more outrageous.

In prosecuting the case, Nneji’s Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney Paul Derohannesian stated that repeat offenders who prey on their family and our elderly community members ought to be held accountable for their crimes, particularly in cases where they have broken confidence.

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