Florida teen, mother stabbed to death while saving woman from boyfriend's knife: Police

The bond for a guy who is suspected of stabbing a teenager to death as she was attempting to save her mother during a tragic knife attack that occurred in Florida as a result of domestic violence has been denied.

According to the authorities, Jean Pierre Salazar, who is 25 years old, is accused of killing his girlfriend, Alejandra Cabrejo, who is 35 years old, and her daughter, Mariana Cabrejo, who is 14 years old, at their residence in Tampa in the month of November.

WFLA-TV and WTVT-TV reported that Salazar was sent back to jail after a brief court appearance on Monday, during which a judge denied him bond. Salazar was held in custody until further notice.

The investigation has led investigators to think that the knife attack on the mother was precipitated by a disagreement between Salazar and Cabrejo.

Florida teen, mother stabbed to death while saving woman from boyfriend's knife: Police

According to the allegations, Salazar stabbed the teen to death when Mariana Cabrejo, Cabrejo’s daughter, sought to resolve the situation.

United States Marshals stated that they were able to apprehend Salazar in Maryland, which is the location where he went after the alleged crimes.

In the courtroom, Judge Catherine Catlin reportedly stated to Salazar, “We have a dead 14-year-old girl who doesn’t deserve to be dead, just trying to protect her mother.” This statement was made in reference to the deceased girl. “Anybody who’s willing to kill a 14-year-old to save their own skin should not be free in our society.”

Francesca Gutierrez leads a support group for Colombians who have arrived in Tampa. Alejandra, she adds, joined the group when she moved to the neighborhood two years ago.

Gutierrez found out about the tragedy barely hours after it occurred.

“I got a call, so I was really in shock that something like that had taken place, it was very painful,” Gutierrez told reporters.

The victim’s relatives and Colombians in Tampa told 8 On Your Side that all they want is justice for the two victims, especially since Alejandra leaves behind a 4-year-old daughter.

“She was very hardworking, whatever she put herself to do, she was very determined, and she taught her daughters that, her daughters were a reflection of what she wanted to do,” she said.

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