Florida mobile home residents receive eviction notices and incentives to leave by a certain date

In a state where house prices are soaring, Florida’s mobile home parks provide some Floridians with cheap accommodation. Many “snowbirds” rent mobile homes as a less expensive second residence.

However, while there may be some financial advantages to living in a mobile home park, there may also be some disadvantages. According to Florida Statute 723.061, mobile home residents can be evicted for a variety of reasons, not all of which are within the residents’ control.

One of these factors contributed to the recent eviction of several Florida residents.

Evictions in South Florida:

Florida mobile home residents receive eviction notices and incentives to leave by a certain date

According to NBC Miami, residents of the Pan American Mobile Home Park in Fort Lauderdale received the eviction notice in mid-October 2023. The park has been sold to The Urban Group, and occupants must leave by April 22, 2024.

Florida inhabitants of mobile home parks can be evicted under Florida Statute 723.061, if there is a “change in use of the land comprising the mobile home park.”

Some Residents Received Incentives: According to The Urban Group, residents were given six months’ notice of eviction and were provided incentive packages and relocation aid services.

CBS News further stated that residents who were current on their rent qualified for incentive payments, and those who were able to depart by December might get between $9,875 and $14,500, according to eviction papers given to certain residents.

Moving a mobile home in Florida costs between $5,000 and $15,000, according to Florida Mobile Home Buyer.

Some residents believe the incentives are insufficient: Even with the monetary incentive, residents are in a difficult situation, according to Maria Bermudes, who told NBC Miami: “It’s not gonna be enough for a down payment on an apartment or for a house.”

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