Florida City Teen,17 Dies After Vehicle Crashes Into Home After Police Chase

According to the Miami-Dade Police Department, a 17-year-old driver was killed after driving a rented car into a home following a police chase in Florida City Thursday afternoon.

Police from Miami-Dade County responded to a rollover incident at the River Oaks townhome development, near Southwest 336th Street and 180th Avenue, shortly after 3 p.m.

According to investigations, an officer from the MDPD Robbery Intervention Detail (RID) was at a nearby gas station and confronted the motorist about a traffic violation.

As detectives approached the driver, he slammed the door of the black Mercedes, catching one officer’s hand in the door before fleeing the scene, according to police. Another RID officer attempted to stop the car.

When the driver did a U-turn, he lost control of the vehicle and crashed onto the grass outside of a house. According to authorities, the automobile then rolled several times before smashing into the home’s wall.

At the site, the driver was pronounced deceased.

As the car flipped through the air, a pistol with a high-capacity magazine went out the window, and bullets fell everywhere, according to authorities.

“What’s important is that you have a 17-year-old who lost their life,” Miami-Dade Police spokesperson Alvaro Zabaleta said during a news conference. “You have a 17-year-old, for whatever reason why he was fleeing, he put himself and other people in danger.”

Sky 10 was hovering above the location and got video of a cop standing watch near a firearm approximately a half-block away from the house.

“It was determined that the firearm was ejected from the subject vehicle as it rolled over during the crash,” Zabaleta said in a statement. Zabaleta also stated that the discovered pistol was reported stolen from Northeast Miami-Dade.

Investigators also discovered that the suspect’s black Mercedes was linked to a vehicle rental firm. Police have not published the driver’s identity, citing the need to notify the next of kin.

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