FCPD: Teen Arrested for Tysons Carjacking, Victim Attacked by Liquid Candy

In an unusual and concerning incident at Tysons Corner Center in Maryland, a 14-year-old teenager has been arrested following a carjacking, while another teenager remains at large. The situation took a peculiar turn when the culprits, during the carjacking, employed a mysterious liquid as a threat, which was later identified as liquid sour candy.

The carjacking occurred when the two teenage suspects targeted a man sitting in a BMW X5 parked in one of the mall’s garages, according to the Fairfax County Police Department (FCPD). The incident garnered attention due to the unexpected nature of the threat and its ultimate harmless composition.

The victim, an adult man, was approached by the teenagers, who knocked on his window and proceeded to threaten him by stating that they would throw “acid” on him. The victim, understandably concerned for his safety, exited his vehicle, likely hoping to de-escalate the situation.

One of the teenagers then entered the stolen vehicle, while the other tossed a green liquid at the victim. Initially, this fluid was perceived as a potentially caustic substance, further intensifying the alarm surrounding the incident. Concerns about the victim’s safety and well-being were paramount for both law enforcement and witnesses at the scene.

However, as the investigation progressed, it was revealed by the FCPD in a tweet that the green liquid posed no actual harm. Instead, it was identified as “liquid sour candy.”

The arrest of the 14-year-old involved in the carjacking marked a significant development in the case. An off-duty detective from the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department played a pivotal role in this apprehension. He observed the teenager fleeing in the stolen vehicle and pursued the culprits across state lines into Maryland. There, the Montgomery County police took the 14-year-old into custody.

While one of the teenage culprits has been arrested, the search for the second individual is ongoing. Described as a young boy with short black hair, he was last seen wearing black pants, a black shirt, and red and white sneakers. Law enforcement authorities are actively seeking information to locate and apprehend the remaining suspect.

Carjacking is a serious crime, and the search for the second teenager involved in this incident continues. The public is encouraged to assist the FCPD in their efforts to ensure that justice is served in this case. Despite the bizarre nature of the candy “acid” threat, the implications of carjacking should not be overlooked, and authorities remain committed to resolving the case completely.

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