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Electrical issues force Vassar hospital evacuation (VIDEO & PHOTOS)

Electrical issues force Vassar hospital evacuation (VIDEO & PHOTOS)

Thursday’s sights and sounds from VBMC:

PUCKHKEEPSIE At around nine o’clock at night, first responders were obliged to begin removing patients from the Intensive Care and Critical Care units due to ongoing electrical issues at the almost $500 million Vassar Brothers Medical Center. Up to 27 people were anticipated to be transported by ambulance to several hospitals, such as Westchester Medical Center, MidHudson Regional Hospital, Kingston Hospital, Danbury Hospital, and Putnam Hospital.

A minimum of one patient was moved to a different facility via medivac helicopter.

Earlier in the evening, there was a blackout caused by a failed generator power supply, which made it necessary for the workers to use their cell phones’ flashlights to explore the premises. The hospital’s emergency illumination was made possible when staff managed to restart and maintain the generator later in the evening.

When a Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) was proclaimed, resources from multiple Dutchess County organizations were brought to the hospital to help with the transfers. As arrangements were made to decide which patients would be transferred and to which hospital, a number of ALS (Advanced Life Support) ambulances from organizations like as Fairview, NDP, and Empress were positioned close to the hospital. The ambulance workers were standing in a line that extended over a block, awaiting orders.

At 11:00 PM, the hospital released the following statement on social media, over an hour after Mid Hudson News broke the story of the evacuation:

Our Patient Pavilion is currently experiencing a power outage, and we are operating on generator power. At this time, we are on full diversion, meaning we are not accepting new patients until the power issue is resolved. We are in close contact with local emergency services to coordinate patient care. Our labor and delivery unit remains open in full power and available for any expectant mothers who may go into labor.
As of midnight, nine patients on ventilators were transported to hospitals throughout the region.
The electrical issues are said to have been plaguing the hospital intermittently for a few days leading up to Thursday night s evacuation.

A month after it opened in January 2021, the newly constructed hospital also saw an oil disaster. Following that accident, 3,000 gallons of diesel fuel (also known as home heating oil #2) were spilled into the adjacent wastewater treatment plant, necessitating a DEC investigation and spill recovery response.

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