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Dutchess Outreach cooking on a new level

Dutchess Outreach cooking on a new level
Dutchess Outreach Executive Chef Chris Rydell

With the employment of a new chef, POUGHKEEPSIEDutchess Outreach is cooking on a whole new level. After a protracted recruitment process, Executive Chef Chris Rydell was chosen to oversee the Lunch Box, which provides thousands of underprivileged people with hot, wholesome meals every year.

Chris brings over 30 years of experience as an executive chef and sous chef in high-end restaurants throughout Connecticut, said Dutchess Outreach Executive Director Renee Fillette.
Rydell is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, known for producing world-class chefs and training for all hospitality positions. We feel confident that he will bring the culinary and management skills needed to continue to move this very special program forward.
More than 30 people applied for the position after the opening was announced. The applicants included chefs with a variety of food service experience.
Fillette said the interviews were conducted by three Dutchess Outreach staffers and a volunteer. All four interviewers asked questions and offered opinions in the post-interview meetings.
Aside from his professional background, what stood out for us most was Chris s even-tempered approach, the desire to have fun in the kitchen, and a deep sensitivity toward our guests. Rydell has filled in during staffing shortages at the Lunch Box in the past. Rydell s mother Carol is also a Dutchess Outreach volunteer and Chris has donated his time to the non-profit organization as well.
We have changed the title from Lunch Box Manager to Executive Chef because we believe that we must choose words that match our intent, which is to provide the best meals possible for the most vulnerable among us, Fillette added. We believe that all people deserve choices, good nutrition, respect, and a positive experience when they come to Dutchess Outreach. We are humbled by the opportunity we have to support our guests, and hold them in reverence and deserving of the best we can offer.

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