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Dutchess honors fallen heroes at War Memorial (VIDEO & GALLERY)

Dutchess honors fallen heroes at War Memorial (VIDEO & GALLERY)

Video of someone placing a wreath:

PUCKHKEEPSIE The keynote speaker at Monday’s Dutchess County Memorial Day program in the Town of Poughkeepsie stated that many people do not enjoy Memorial Day. Madison Fletcher told Mid Hudson News that Memorial Day, formerly known as Decoration Day, is the one day each year when people should take a moment to pause and remember the courageous men and women who gave their lives while serving in the US Armed Forces. She noted that the loss of life should be grieved rather than celebrated.

Fletcher is the commander of VFW District 2, which includes a number of New York counties. Spending her time between her two VFW offices in Albany and New York City, the Navy veteran from the Dover Plains VFW divides her time. Her responsibility is to assist veterans in receiving benefits that are rightfully theirs.

With her service dog Ivy by her side, Fletcher—who suffers from severe anxiety and PTSD—talked about the early lesson her grandfather taught her. One year when I was little, I sent my grandfather good Memorial Day wishes. characterizing him as a guy of few words and a soldier of World War II who utilized that occasion to clarify the actual significance of Memorial Day. He explained to us that today is not simply the first day of summer but also a day to honor those who lost their lives in combat.

Adam Roche, the director of veterans services for Dutchess County, concurs. Today is not a day for festivities. On this day, we must honor the ultimate sacrifice given by those who lost their lives in combat as well as the grief felt by the families of those who will never see their loved ones again. We owe the relatives of the deceased our appreciation and praise for their lives.

Dutchess County Executive Sue Serino and New York State Senator Rob Rolison both spoke during the ceremony. Along with Jerry Ingram and Jacqueline, the county executive laid wreaths at the monument. The USS John McCain exploded in 2017 off the coast of Singapore, taking the life of the Ingrams’ son Corey, a Petty Officer in the US Navy.

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