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Drug task force moves dope dealer from apartment to jail (VIDEO CLIP)

PUCKHKEEPSIE After looking into drug use and sales in the area, the Dutchess County Drug Task Force searched an apartment on S. Clinton Street on Thursday night. During the 8:00 p.m. search warrant raid of the apartment, the task force removed 19 people from the property, which has prompted multiple complaints from veteran area homeowners.

Dutchess County Drug Task Force Coordinator Adam Harris stated that the team entered the apartment building armed with search warrants and took 19 people out of the unit. Three of the individuals removed were sought on outstanding warrants, according to Coordinator Harris, a detective sergeant with the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office, who spoke with Mid-Hudson News about this. Harris stated on Thursday night that an investigation is still on into the criminal sale of a controlled narcotic by one of the individuals who was taken out.

Because of the illicit drug activities at the location, which she claims is owned by the Baxter Building of Poughkeepsie, a neighbor of the property has been obliged to call the police on multiple occasions. The neighbor accused Baxter and Hudson River Housing of enabling the illegal behavior to flourish because of inadequate tenant screening during a recent meeting of the Poughkeepsie Common Council. The homeowner was present Thursday night when a number of residents were taken outside, searched, and loaded into a DCSO van to be taken to the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office for further investigation. She was heard to exclaim, “I’m glad this is happening.”

According to Harris, who said more details would be made public on Friday, the investigation’s primary target was apprehended on the spot. The neighbor claims that after the drug task force received multiple complaints about a particular property, they promptly responded to the area and removed the people who were deemed to be a danger to the neighborhood.

In order to stop the regulars from coming back to carry out more criminal actions, we have removed the investigation’s objective and arranged for the property manager to board the apartment.

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