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DOT not addressing road flooding says supervisor (VIDEO)

DOT not addressing road flooding says supervisor (VIDEO)

WAPPINGER TOWN Many drivers who are subjected to the standing water on the state route have reported that a portion of State Route 9D between Old State Road to the north and the entrance to Chelsea Ridge apartments on Popula Boulevard floods every time there is more than two minutes of rainfall. This poses a serious risk to public safety. Between December 2023 and January 2024, Mid-Hudson News dispatched a reporter to visit the problematic part of 9D on multiple occasions in order to capture footage of the severe flooding.

Driver Gil Hanson noted that whenever rain is predicted, the Department of Transportation (DOT) sets up signs alerting people to potential flooding and pulls down traffic cones. Rather than taking the effort to properly restore the risky part, the state chose to station an outdated plow vehicle on the westbound shoulder, just before the flood zone, with a sign warning of an icy or flooded roadway, throughout the winter.

Assemblyman AJ Beephan of New York State, who represents the impacted area, recently learned of the dangerous circumstances. I have learned of the water problems around 9D and Old State Road. Our office will work with NYS DOT to address this issue and create a strategy for other areas in our community as we continue to see more frequent weather that causes catastrophic flooding.

New Hire Since he was a county legislator, Wappinger Town Supervisor Joseph Cavaccini has worked to persuade the state to address the problem. He stated that it is our duty to ensure the security of our neighbors and everyone passing through the Town of Wappinger. We need to do more to address this significant issue along State Route 9D, even while we appreciate the State’s efforts to install temporary signage and traffic cones alerting drivers to the approaching danger they are about to experience.

Cavaccini emphasized his dissatisfaction with the DOT’s slow response, stating, “We have seen record rainfall in our region over the past two years, and conditions there have gotten worse.” To keep ourselves and others safe, we need to assess our roadway runoff, drainage systems, and future plans. In addition, Supervisor Cavaccini gave support to the state by proposing that the town highway workers help design and build ways to address the area’s inadequate drainage. Our team stands prepared to offer assistance in any manner possible. I kindly request that our state government colleagues give Route 9D careful consideration.

montage of footage showing the floods on Route 9D:

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