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Dog rescued from Sunday night house fire (GALLERY)

Dog rescued from Sunday night house fire (GALLERY)

HYDE PARK A fire on Sunday night resulted in fire, smoke, and water damage to a property on Humble Way in Hyde Park. The home was damaged by the fire, which was reported just before nine o’clock at night, but the family’s pet dog was spared thanks to the prompt actions of Hyde Park police officers and Roosevelt Fire Department firefighters.

Police at Hyde Park The family dog was inside the house when Sergeant Stallone and another police arrived at the scene of the reported structure fire ahead of the firefighters. The sergeant claimed that when he and another police tried to enter through the front entrance, the thick smoke forced them back. When firefighters arrived, they were able to save the dog that had been soothed by police for several minutes in the back of a police SUV. The dog had leaped out of the truck when they saw the other family dog and its owner. The two dogs played for a short while in the large front yard, and the dog that was saved appeared to be unaffected by the prior exposure to smoke and fire.

According to Jeff Scala, the fire chief for Roosevelt Fire Department, firefighters attempted to restrict the fire to the building’s first level.

To ascertain the cause and origin of the fire, the Dutchess County Fire Investigation Division was sent to the scene.

At the scene, there were no reports of injuries to bystanders or first responders.

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