Determined South Carolina dad gets shared custody through fatherhood program

Just a few months ago, Lorin Jackson could only make memories with his one-year-old son Kaysaun during regulated visits by the Department of Social Services.

Jackson claims his son has been in foster care for several months while he and his ex-wife fought over custody.

“I’m thankful and appreciative of him being able to be here with me and for him to be a part of what we got going on,” he said.

Jackson claims that in order to gain custody of his son, he had to attend lessons via the South Carolina Center for Families and Fathers Program.

“Our goal is to bring that dad up to the point where he feels confident in himself and his relationship with his child,” said Lawrence Ford, SC Center for Families and Fathers.

Determined South Carolina dad gets shared custody through fatherhood program

Jackson claims that the court-mandated standards for obtaining shared custody were rigorous, but the fatherhood program assisted him every step of the process.

“I went from a fight for my kid to get him out of a system to a fight for my kid and a plan for him to go to college,” Jackson said.

The program emphasizes things like financial stability, co-parenting, relationship development and understanding, and guiding fathers through the child support system.

Lessons, according to Jackson, enabled him to obtain the only gift he desired this Christmas: legally shared custody of his son.

“It’s a necessity to be there for your kids,” Jackson remarked.

Since its inception 25 years ago, the South Carolina Centers for Families and Men has assisted over 25,000 men like Jackson.

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