Dare to Visit? The 5 Most Chilling Haunted Places in Colorado

Colorado is home to a variety of haunted locations that captivate both residents and tourists, ranging from scary abandoned structures to historic hotels.

As Colorado’s day draws to an end, rumors of its eerie past entice those who are daring enough to investigate the mysteries hidden in some of the state’s most infamous spots.

Cripple Creek

Numerous casinos, including Colorado Grande Casino and Buffalo Billy’s, are located along Cripple Creek. This region has a rich past, as attested to by the haunting apparitions that roam it.

Guests say they saw the spirit of a small child. It is reported that she seems to be sketching on the casino walls. Both employees and patrons of the casinos have witnessed drinking glasses fly off shelves and smash onto the ground.

Another legend involves Maggie, a ghost who enjoys playing slots after the casinos have closed.

Colorado Prison Museum

The Colorado Prison Museum is home to numerous historical exhibits and is situated in the site of the former women’s prison for the state in Canon City.

The crew’s and the prisoners’ stories from their time spent in Colorado state prisons are depicted in pictures and programs that are on exhibit.

Dare to Visit? The 5 Most Chilling Haunted Places in Colorado

However, what keeps everyone so persuaded of the site’s paranormal activity is what you can’t see. Numerous tourists have reported experiencing sudden, inexplicable chilly areas. Even the smell of burning tobacco is detectable.

There once was a young woman who passed away in her cell at the actual prison. It is rumored that her ghost still haunts the grounds.

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Stanley Hotel

Given that the Stanley Hotel served as the basis for Stephen King’s “The Shining,” it is understandable why so many people think the building is haunted.

The Stanley Hotel, which is well over a century old, is known for its weird events. Even when no one is nearby, visitors report hearing youngsters laughing throughout the grounds. Occasionally, when the vast ballroom is unoccupied, the sounds of a piano will be heard.

It’s reported that the hotel conducts ghost tours because the ghosts are said to visit often. If you’re courageous enough, you can investigate the hallways for apparitions. There is an underground tunnel as well, which many think is home to even more mysteries and secrets.

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Despite being a recognized historical property, Georgetown is widely recognized for being haunted by the numerous ghosts of those who previously lived there.

Dare to Visit? The 5 Most Chilling Haunted Places in Colorado

Ghost tours are organized annually because these entities are so conspicuous. Those who are fascinated by the paranormal might join the throng of people who share their passion in trying to spot ghosts.

These ghosts, believed to be primarily from the 1800s, appear to be stuck on Georgetown’s streets forever. They only show up for a little period of time before vanishing into thin air, and they don’t seem evil.

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Hotel Jerome

The pinnacle of luxury is the Hotel Jerome. It’s not the kind of environment that typically comes to mind while looking for eerie places.

Constructed in 1889, those who are knowledgeable about paranormal investigations swarm to the Hotel Jerome in an effort to see the well-known ghosts of a girl and boy. It is reported that the youthful poltergeists prowl the corridors, speaking to visitors as they go by.

The tiny child is thought to have drowned in the hotel’s pool many years ago. Numerous accounts of encounters with the young ghost have surfaced, suggesting that he has never really disappeared.

Although the identity of the female is unclear, many people think it’s his sister, who has also long ago departed away. Regardless of the situation, neither of them appears to be planning to leave anytime soon.

To Conclude

Beyond its breathtaking landscape, Colorado has a rich history. Colorado gives the daring adventurer a special mix of thrills and chills, with ghosts of the past lingering in these haunting places.

Colorado’s haunted places are guaranteed to make an impression, whether of your belief in the paranormal or just love a good ghost story.

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