DA releases suspect in Metro Gold Line fatal stabbing as self-defense

The suspect in the fatal stabbing of a 27-year-old man on the Metro Gold Line has been freed from detention, according to authorities, who believe the act was self-defense in response to an unjustified attack.

A police investigation revealed that the man who was stabbed and later died, 27-year-old Jalil Sosa Illera, was the aggressor in the fight, based on a review of security video and an interview with the man previously deemed a suspect.

According to investigators, the guy initially arrested as a suspect, Carlos Carrillo-Martinez, 19, used a knife to protect himself from an unjustified attack by Illera.

According to a complaint from the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, Carrillo-Martinez was on a train on Tuesday browsing at his cell phone when Illera approached “staring at him with his eyes popping out and his lips quivering.”

Carrillo-Martinez asked Illera if he needed assistance, but Illera hit him in the face, breaking his glasses, and then continued to assault him, according to the report.

According to the report, Carrillo-Martinez was carrying a knife and stabbed Illera many times with it. According to reports, he “told police that he felt that if he did not defend himself with the knife he would have been killed.”

DA releases suspect in Metro Gold Line fatal stabbing as self-defense

He stated that he attempted to back away, but Illera initially persisted in approaching him. Then Illera fled the train and slumped at his apartment building. He was taken to the hospital and proclaimed dead there.

Carrillo-Martinez first stayed on the train before calling a friend to pick him up.

Metro video, according to investigators, corroborates Carrillo-Martinez’s assertions, including that the incident was unprovoked.

Shortly after the initial event, authorities released a video of the then-unidentified suspect, seeking the public for assistance in locating a person initially suspected of carrying out a violent and fatal attack.

Carrillo-Martinez later turned himself in and was arrested. He told authorities that the incident was a case of self-defense, and his story was backed by video.

“Based on these facts and the video evidence of the incident, the evidence is insufficient to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt due to self-defense issues,” the District Attorney’s Office concluded in a report deciding whether to charge.

Carrillo-Martinez, 19, is an electrical student at LA Trade Tech who had just finished a final before the incident, according to authorities. He has no previous criminal history.

According to the investigation, Illera appears to have had personal troubles in his life, including maybe being expelled from school and nine past calls to the apartment complex citing “belligerent behavior” by Illera.

According to his relatives, Illera was a musician and fashion designer who traveled to Los Angeles to follow his aspirations and launched his own clothing line, ILL ERA.

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