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Criminal “mastermind” sentenced to prison

Criminal “mastermind” sentenced to prison
Miguel Lora (file photo)

PUCKHKEEPSIE On January 24, 2024, Dutchess County Court Judge Edward McLoughlin sentenced a 47-year-old man to a hefty prison term for his involvement in a violent house invasion. Miguel Lora, a native of Poughkeepsie, had pleaded guilty in October, only a week before his trial on the felony charges, in exchange for a lighter sentence.

Lora, who was detained during a series of raids by several law enforcement agencies in March 2023 and was thought to be the mastermind of a Pleasant Valley house invasion by a group of attackers, was prosecuted by Dutchess County Senior Assistant District Attorney Scott Johnson. One of the people the investigation was focusing on was Lora, a convicted felon.

In addition to acknowledging before Judge McLoughlin in October that he had broken the terms of his probation for criminal possession of a weapon, he also acknowledged that he had committed felony burglary and criminal possession of a weapon during the home invasion.

The judge sentenced Lora to 17 years in prison for the burglary conviction, 15 years for the weapons plea, and 1.5 to 4 years for the probation breach as a result of her guilty pleas and admission. Lora will serve her three sentences concurrently and be subject to ten years of post-release monitoring.

In addition, McLoughlin mandated that the repeat offender repay the victim $30,000 as part of his sentence.

Senior ADA Johnson stated that the evidence demonstrated that Miguel Lora planned and oversaw a house invasion at gunpoint that left his victims horrified but alive while he was serving a probationary term for illegal firearm possession. According to Johnson, when police searched Lora’s home in the City of Poughkeepsie, they discovered that she was in possession of an assault rifle and two loaded handguns unlawfully. After the punishment, Johnson expressed his pleasure with Judge McLoughlin’s decision, saying, “Understoodably, these were egregious violations of Lora’s court-ordered probation.”

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