Courtroom Scuffle After 16-year-old Murder Victim's Mother Says Killer Was ‘laughing’ at Her Face

A distraught mother and two of her family members attacked her daughter’s suspected killer, claiming the heinous murderer was “laughing at my face” during an emotional testimony inside a Texas courtroom Tuesday.

Frank DeLeon Jr., 19, appeared in Houston for the second day of his murder trial, where he is accused of shooting his ex-girlfriend 22 times on January 2022, Diamond Alvarez, 16, when mayhem erupted.

Anna Machado, Alvarez’s mother, had just finished testifying as a victim impact witness at the trial when she stepped off the stand and headed directly for DeLeon before being stopped by a bailiff.

While Machado was being restrained, Alvarez’s uncle attacked DeLeon and hit him numerous times.

According to a video taken by KHOU from outside the courthouse, court personnel tackled the guy to the floor while DeLeon was escorted to a corner.

Machado attempted to come to her relative’s aid but was stopped by DeLeon’s mother, who proceeded to shove her opponent.

Judge Hazel B. Jones ordered the courtroom to adjourn after the families were separated.

Machado was among the family who heard gunshots on Jan. 11 and ran outdoors to a field, where she discovered her daughter lying on the ground.

She attempted but failed to conduct CPR on Alvarez.

DeLeon, who was 17 at the time, was arrested shortly after. Machado apologized for her courtroom outburst following the altercation.

“That was wrong of me, that was wrong of us because we are not monsters,” Machado said after the scuffle outside the courthouse.

“But it’s so much hate because I want my daughter back, and what he did is horrible, seeing my daughter there and looking at him, knowing he did that, and him laughing at my face, it was very wrong and I’m sorry for that.”

Machado chastised DeLeon for his demeanor throughout the trial, claiming he was smiling during her testimony.

“In my opinion, he’s a monster.” That was never going to alter. Did he appear remorseful? No. “He was laughing in my face,” Machado continued. “(As if) it’s a joke.” A person’s life is not a joke. My daughter is not a prank.”

Alvarez’s uncle was apprehended and handcuffed. It is unknown if he was charged in connection with the event.

The couple’s romance ended after Alvarez found DeLeon was dating someone else while they were still together. DeLeon had requested that Alvarez meet him in a park the night of the shooting.

According to KHOU, DeLeon made his first appearance in court on Tuesday after missing the first day of his trial on Monday due to an ATV collision with his uncle on their property and had to be brought to a hospital to be assessed for a brain injury.

DeLeon accepted a plea bargain and faced 45 years in jail, with the possibility of release halfway through his term.

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