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Cornwall community opposes warehouses

Cornwall community opposes warehouses

CORNWALL: We’re going to oppose this with everything we have and make the application procedure as difficult as possible.

State Senator James Skoufis spoke at the pubic hearing on Wednesday evening in Cornwall

In his request to the Cornwall Planning Board to halt the construction of warehouses in the Town of Cornwall, Senator James Skoufis made this statement on Wednesday night. Skoufis, a resident of the Town of Cornwall, was making reference to the plan of Treetop Development to erect five warehouses on around 200 acres in the town along Rt. 9W. Hundreds of Cornwall locals applauded his comments during a public hearing held at Cornwall Central High School.

Skoufis predicted that the initiative will transform Cornwall. He claimed that Treetop had not included the people and leaders of Cornwall in its proposal. He drew a comparison between the New Jersey company’s lack of involvement and its funding of the Orange County Partnership, an organization dedicated to economic development.

No family could have imagined that they would be living next to such a large warehouse, according to Assemblyman Chris Eachus. According to him, there is difficult access for truck traffic on Rt. 9W to Interstate 84 and the New York State Thruway.

Orange County Legislator Kevin Hines spoke at the pubic hearing in Cornwall on Wednesday evening

Legislator Kevin Hines of Orange County claimed that nobody in his district had voiced support for the idea. He remarked that the plan, as it stands, does not adequately safeguard visually sensitive lands while permitting a variety of non-residential uses in a manner that aligns with the Town’s conservation objectives, according to the Orange County Department of Planning.

The idea, according to town supervisor Josh Wojehowski, is not in line with the town’s comprehensive plan, which safeguards the community’s welfare and character while promoting tourism.

According to attorney Jonathan Clark of Scenic Hudson, the proposal’s effects would extend beyond Cornwall’s boundaries. The Town of New Windsor is worried about its drinking water, and the City of Newburgh has expressed concerns about traffic. The founding of Scenic Hudson began with preventing the construction of a hydroelectric plant on Storm King Mountain in Cornwall-on-Hudson, a portion of the Town of Cornwall. Many see the Battle for Storm King as the catalyst for the current environmental movement.

Many locals also had something to say. Nancy Bryan, a Quaker Avenue resident, is upset that her front yard would be partially taken up by the proposal.

Residents discussed contamination of the air, water, noise, and light, as well as the decline in property values. They mentioned the terrible traffic conditions and the contaminated water in the nearby Moodna Creek. They claimed that the Treetops Draft Environmental Impact Statement was difficult to understand, minimized certain effects, and did not attempt to mitigate others.

The public hearing will remain open for additional comments, as decided by the planning board.

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