Connecticut City has Some of the Priciest Cannabis in the United States

In one Connecticut city, your green will cost a lot more green. CTAH says that New Britain is the 20th most expensive place in the country to buy weed. It says that a gram costs $10.8 on average. There are both legal and criminal sales on the list.

Cannabis in Middlebury costs $11.3 a gram, which makes it the 12th most expensive place to buy it. The list does not say which state it is in, though. There are also towns with the same name in Illinois, Indiana, New York, Ohio, and Vermont.

Where can you buy the most expensive weed in the country? At $19.1 a gram, that will be in Washington, D.C. Seattle ($18.2) comes in second, followed by Killdeer ($12.5), New York City ($12.1), and Kyle ($12.1).

At $7 a gram, cannabis is cheapest in Portland. It costs $8.3 a gram in Las Vegas, $9 a gram in Denver, and $9 a gram in Columbia Falls. Since recreational, adult-use sales began in January, the cannabis business in Connecticut has grown quickly. On the first day, sales reached a huge $250,000.

According to figures from the state, sales of marijuana for adult use topped medical sales in May. In June, more than 12 million units were sold.

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