Connecticut Cannabis Sales Hit Nearly $26 Million in November Month

The state’s Department of Consumer Protection says that sales of both medical and recreational cannabis in Connecticut hit almost $26 million in November.

The first sales figures showed that the adult-use cannabis market, which opened on January 10, made more than $15.3 million in sales in one month. On the other hand, more than $10.3 million worth of sales came from medical marijuana during the same time frame.

The monthly report showed that a lot of goods were going through the market. In November, people who used marijuana for medical reasons bought 281,691 items, and people who used marijuana for recreational purposes bought 400,379 items. Goods for adults were priced at $38.44, and goods for medical marijuana were priced at $36.99.

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Consumers had a wide range of tastes, according to the results when broken down by product type. Flowers made up more than half of all sales. Vape products made up 31% of all sales, and edible cannabis goods made up 12%.

The information comes from the state’s seed-to-sale tracking system, BioTrack. It does not include tax money from weed sales for adult use. In Connecticut, people who buy medical marijuana are not taxed.

The department also said that the state’s limits on purchases of cannabis for adult use went up on December 1 to one-half ounce of raw flower or the equivalent. In Connecticut, medical cannabis users can buy up to five ounces of cannabis per month, and there are no limits on how much they can buy at a time.

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Even though the numbers look good, the state has been attacked lately for rolling out the adult use program more slowly than planned. The news statement says that the Department of Consumer Protection keeps track of things but doesn’t set sales goals or control prices.

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