Congressman Dwight Evans Hospitalized After Stroke, Recovery Expected to Take Six Weeks

Pennsylvania Representative Dwight Evans announced on Thursday that he had a small stroke and will be back in Washington, D.C., in six weeks.

The Democrat Evans did not specifically say when the stroke occurred, only that it was discovered this week.

He is presently recuperating at an inpatient rehabilitation center, where he will likely remain for an additional week before beginning outpatient treatment.

“I currently expect to be back voting in Washington in about six weeks from now,” he stated.

The 70-year-old Evans stressed that the stroke was small and that he was unaware of its occurrence until a few days later.

“The main impact seems to be some difficulty with one leg, which will probably impact my walking for some time, but not my long-term ability to serve the people of Philadelphia,” he stated.

The third Congressional District representative for Pennsylvania, Jeff Evans, explained that he held off on disclosing his illness until he had made up his mind about how to go public with it.

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He claimed that he wanted to take advantage of the chance to “help educate people” about cerebrovascular disease.

He declared that he will carry out this education effort to “erase the stigma that occasionally accompanies strokes” in the coming months.

A stroke is the fifth highest cause of mortality in the US, according to the American Stroke Association. It is a condition that affects the arteries that supply the brain.

Evans served more than 35 years in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives before winning his first election to Congress in 2016.

Another Democrat from Pennsylvania, Sen. John Fetterman, had a stroke in 2022. At the time, he was running for the current seat he has while serving as the state’s lieutenant governor.


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