Home News Conaty’s grand jury report calls for major reforms

Conaty’s grand jury report calls for major reforms

Conaty’s grand jury report calls for major reforms

MONTICELLO Brian Conaty, the district attorney for Sullivan County, has expressed his desire to give the Department of Family Services (DFS) back legal authority over child protective services cases. Conaty thinks attorneys assigned to their division will provide stronger representation for Child Protective Services, as the County Attorney’s office was given this task several years ago.

The DA’s choice was based on a 107-page grand jury report that was written in the wake of a 16-month-old girl’s death.

Conaty stated during a press conference on Thursday that the Sullivan County attorney’s office and DFS had different responsibilities in numerous areas. Under John Liddle’s supervision, DA Conaty seeks the return of legal authority over child services to its original jurisdiction.

In the interest of the public, the Grand Jury recommended the following legislative, executive, or administrative actions. The county attorney’s office ought to be restored to its former state and relieved of all obligations regarding CPS, legal representation, and the DFS legal department.

In an effort to ensure that this doesn’t happen again, County Legislature Chairwoman Nadia Rajsz stated that she would be happy to collaborate with the DA’s office. In order to guarantee that these recommendations are taken into consideration and rectified, the legislature will make every effort to assist the commissioner of social services and the district attorney.

The DA responded as follows when asked if he was hopeful about future developments. We cannot permit another tragedy to occur. Sullivan County has undoubtedly been made aware that reforms are necessary and that fresh, audacious ideas and leadership are required.

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