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City of Newburgh to pay $700K for ambulance service

NEW BURGH Empress Ambulance Service informed the communities their predecessor served that they would now have to pay cash up advance after they acquired Mobile Life Support Services last year.

Although he would prefer to look into other options in the future, Newburgh Mayor Torrence Harvey stated that his city has budgeted the same amount, the City of Middletown has already committed to paying Empress $700,000 annually for service.

Middletown Mayor DeStefano and I have been discussing how to determine the overhead costs associated with starting our own ambulette/EMS service within our fire department so that it can turn a profit. He mentioned that there needs to be a significant initial capital investment made in terms of infrastructure.

Although the City of Kingston was also approached about paying Empress, it decided to handle emergency calls with its own fire department’s EMT-trained first responders.

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